Princeton, N.J.: Wedding of Brian and Lauren

We had just finished photographing the bridal party formal shots, and miracle of miracles, we had extra time to play with before the reception started. Lauren, who deserves all credit for orchestrating this well-planned wedding day, took a look around at all of us as we stood in the shade, trying desperately to stay cool in the hot, summer, New Jersey day and said, “I could go for some ice cream right now.”

Who could object to an idea like that?

Lauren and Brian’s wedding day gave us many great elements to work with: great venues, beautiful weather, an impromptu stop at an ice cream shop, and most importantly an amazing couple.

To the two of you: Thank you, thank you! You were a dream to work with. May you have many happy years ahead.


Picture of Anya Semenoff-Petty

Anya Semenoff-Petty

Anya has photographed weddings, events, editorial and commercial work for years, first at The Denver Post and then while running A&D Creative independently.

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