Question: How many images will I receive?

Answer: That depends on the number of hours we work. We don’t specify a specific number of images for a few reasons. First, timelines vary. Sometimes, in an eight-hour day, there’s significant travel from a church to a reception venue that cuts into time we would otherwise have to photograph the couple and bridal party. Sometimes poor weather can impact how many photos we create. Generally, you can expect around 400 images for an eight-hour shoot, and more the longer we’re photographing.

Q: Do you offer video services?

A: We almost always stick to still photography. If you’re interested in video work, contact us for referrals to other photojournalists with whom we’ve worked before. Having a group of photographers and videographers who have worked together before ensures that we aren’t getting in each other’s way because we’re comfortable with how we work.

Q: Do you edit each image we receive?

A: Yes. Editing can sometimes, but not always, include cropping, straightening, sharpening, adjusting exposure and contrast, color correction, noise reduction, dodging, burning, occasional black-and-white post-processing and other necessary corrections. Other photographers sometimes will not do any post-processing without charging more. All post processing is included in our wedding fee.

We are photojournalists who want to showcase the real you. Moments are real, skin tones and body shapes are natural, light is natural (unless we purposefully light a picture as part of a portrait). If you need advanced post-processing, it requires an extra fee.

Q: Do you send us every image you shoot?

A: We don’t. We eliminate photos that are duplicates, tests, out of focus, those that are incorrectly exposed and those that, for instance, don’t have the most flattering expression on peoples’ faces. We want to ensure that the product that you see and that you share with others is of the highest quality.

Q: How soon will we have our images?

A: For weddings, we deliver a set of 25 edited, color-corrected images within three days of the wedding so you can share the moments with family and friends while your memories are fresh. We guarantee delivery of the final set of images within four weeks of your wedding date.

For engagement and family photography, we guarantee images within two weeks of the date of the session.

Q: What happens if, on the day of the wedding, we want you for more time?

A: Wedding days can be unpredictable. We will never leave before our contracted time is finished. Once it is, we will ask you, the couple, whether you would like to extend your time. If you would like is to stay longer, we will charge you the rate in your contract rounded to the nearest 30-minute interval. For instance, if each additional hour is $350, we would charge $175 to stay for 30 more minutes.

Q: Why do you charge for additional coverage?

A: We’ve set aside the entire day for your wedding, so while we are not booking additional plans, we have to charge for the time because doing so puts additional wear on our equipment and also means that we have to spend more time processing more photos later.

Q: Do you travel outside of Denver? And if so, what’s your travel policy?

A: We love traveling for destination weddings. Our packages include travel within the Denver metro area. If we have to travel outside the Denver metro area, we usually add additional costs in for airfare, rental car, gas, lodging and food, as applicable. We usually book travel ourselves, or you’re free to book it on our behalf. With lodging, couples often have a room as part of a block that they’ll book for us.