Friday Night Yoga Club for the Denver Post

Being a freelance photographer means you never quite know what you’re going to get. Then again, being a person, doing anything, anywhere means about the same thing. But you know what I’m saying!

With editorial freelancing, you accept an assignment, you discuss with the assigning editor what the story is and what to generally look for, and then you’re set loose.

When I took on an assignment for the Denver Post last week, here’s what we knew:

  • What: Friday Night Yoga Club, an event that offers the yoga community a chance to gather for practice, for music and for fun.
  • When: Friday night (see, it’s all coming together)
  • Where: A yoga studio in Greenwood Village called Yama Yoga Village.
  • What to look for: A yoga session, deejayed music, dancing, social hour.

Here’s what I found:

  • Warm, enthusiastic yogis, ready to welcome me into the crowd.
  • Very dim lighting.
  • A packed house – seriously, they were setting people up with their yoga mats out in the entry way and halls.
  • Forty-something sets of legs leaving the ground to attempt inverted poses – a.k.a. head stands. It was seriously impressive.

After a little acclimating to the setting and the ambiance, and a little navigating around the maze that was the crowded yoga studio, I dove in and came away with something a little unlike what I expected, but which (I hope!) showed a bit what Friday Night Yoga Club is all about.

Thanks for taking a look! –anya


 Check out Denver Post Travel Editor, Kyle Wagner’s, story about Friday Night Yoga Club. And take a look at a slideshow with more images from the Club. 


Anya Semenoff-Petty

Anya Semenoff-Petty

Anya has photographed weddings, events, editorial and commercial work for years, first at The Denver Post and then while running A&D Creative independently.

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