Aaron and Lisa’s Chautauqua Park Engagement in Boulder

When you’re a professional wedding photographer in Denver, and the time comes for your own family and siblings to get engaged and married, you expect to get the call. We’ve been photographing weddings and engagements for years, and I thought this would be an easy enough outing for Anya and me. But when it’s your own sister and her fiancĂ© Aaron, the expectations are much higher for doing great work.

Lisa and Aaron both live in New Jersey, where I grew up, but much of Aaron’s family is in Colorado, so they visit a few times per year to see them and enjoy our wonderful outdoors. I was in Kazakhstan doing consulting work when Lisa called me with the news about her engagement, and we set right away to planning an engagement session at Chautauqua Park in Boulder.

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Chautauqua Park Wedding Photography: Brice and Jamie

Her father admitted, as he held a glass of chilled champagne, that when he first heard of her plan, he thought, “This would make a great romantic comedy.”

She was moving to Colorado and needed a place to live for her and her dog; he was looking to rent out his basement. Sight unseen, man unmet, she signed a lease, and at the Chautauqua Dining Hall in May, her father’s romantic comedy prediction came true.

Brice and Jamie have a love story that you wouldn’t expect existed outside of Hollywood (come on, it’s not every day that you find your future husband on Craigslist!) but it’s as true and beautiful a story as you’ll ever find.

Brice and Jamie: Dan and I had a great time documenting your Chautauqua Park wedding — despite the uncooperative weather! Thank you for letting us be a part of it! — Anya

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Chautauqua Wedding Photography: Brice and Jamie preview

There seems to be a theme in our engagement photos and weddings so far this summer season: rain. Not exactly what you might expect to be up against as a photographer in a notoriously dry state.

However, part of being a photographer is thinking on your feet and making do with what you’ve got. No amount of reverse-psychology rain dancing will make the weather change its mind (though don’t think I haven’t considered giving it a shot!). So, when the rain started to fall for Brice and Jamie’s Chautauqua wedding a few weekends ago — forcing them to move their ceremony inside — we all just went with it. Their ceremony was still beautiful, their excitement absolutely palpable, and no amount of rain could dampen their elation to be promising a lifetime to one another. They were exactly the kind of clients you’d want in that situation. Therefore, when the rain finally let up and we were able to shoot their portraits outside, it was just icing on the cake.

Here is just one shot of the resulting sunshine. More coming! –anya