Lost Gulch Overlook Engagement Photos | Sarah & Kyle

We kicked off the 2021 year with a great engagement session featuring Sarah and Kyle, who are preparing to get married in just a few months. Despite the chill brought on by the January weather, these two were undeterred and you could easily see the joy they share together.

With Anya nearing 39 weeks pregnant with our first child, a daughter, I ventured out with photographer Olivia Britt to do some photography at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado, in the early afternoon before we drove up to Lost Gulch Overlook, hoping to catch a gorgeous winter sunset. The view — and the radiant light — did not let us down.

It was clear after we started photographing them that Sarah and Kyle wouldn’t need much coaching (although we’re always happy to provide directions and encouragement). They easily fell into each other’s arms and genuinely showed their love and affection for one another, dancing and laughing and enjoying the experience.

Once we got up to Lost Gulch, we found the area relatively empty, probably owing to the fierce, cold wind blowing over the rock formation. The trail from the parking lot to the rocks is a short walk, but we had to gingerly step around and scramble over some rocks. Still, once we got there, we had plenty of open space for a spectacular view as the light turned orange for the sunset.

Once the sun went behind the mountains, we relocated to our cars to escape the brisk wind and warm up for 20 minutes, hoping that our patience would pay off and the low-lying clouds seemingly just out of reach would make for quite the light show — and that proved to be true.

We’re looking forward to photographing your wedding later this year, Sarah and Kyle! Thanks for being such troopers on this cool January weekend!

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Daniel Petty

Dan has photographed weddings and done work for editorial and commercial clients, including The Denver Post, Running Times, The Associated Press and others.
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