Maxwell Falls Colorado Engagement | Jenny & Dom

In mid-May, Jenny messaged us to let us know that she and her fiancé Dominique would have to move up their August wedding to June, change venues and effectively elope in front of a handful of family and friends.

It was a familiar story in 2020, with so many wedding plans disrupted by the coronavirus. But Jenny and Dom, pandemic or no, still wanted engagement photos to capture the depth and beauty of their love. We figured going to a more remote location might be wise, so we chose Maxwell Falls and Three Sisters Park just outside of Evergreen.

It was clear Jenny and Dom deeply care for one another. Jenny was quick with laughs as Dom flashed a radiant smile. They both told us they were uneasy in front of the camera — as many couples often are — but if they were, it certainly didn’t show. They quickly relaxed and focused on each other and celebrating their love in anticipation of their wedding just a few weeks later.

We had hoped to find more water down at Maxwell Falls, but earlier-than-expected snow runoff and melting meant there wasn’t as much water as we had hoped. No matter — we hiked back out and headed over to Three Sisters Park, where, after a long cloudy day, the sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds, giving us brilliant light to work with over the mountaintops.

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Daniel Petty

Dan has photographed weddings and done work for editorial and commercial clients, including The Denver Post, Running Times, The Associated Press and others.
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