Evergreen Engagement Photos at Three Sisters Park | Mary Margaret & Waylon

Mary Margaret and Waylon met at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania, at an evening event for Catholic couples. Waylon was taking theology classes at Gannon, and Mary Margaret was in the middle of a five-year program at the school to become a physician’s assistant.

The two enjoyed each other’s company. Eventually they started dating. This fall, Waylon decided to ask Mary Margaret to marry him. Both enjoyed long walks around campus and Lake Erie, and that’s where Waylon was determined to propose.

They arrived at the lake as the sun was setting, but agitated an elderly nearby resistant who was angered that Waylon’s car had beeped when he locked the door (as most cars do these days). The man said he had called the police.

Not exactly the way to lead into asking your girlfriend to marry you.

But they eventually walked around the lake and found a peaceful spot. Waylon read a poem he had written himself, then got down on one knee, asking for Mary Margaret’s hand in marriage. She was so excited — and surprised — that she later wondered whether she had actually agreed. “I said, yes, right?” she asked, after he had put the ring on her finger.

The couple are both lovely, thoughtful people, and Anya and I were excited that we had a chance to photograph them together over the Christmas break near Evergreen. The weather was unseasonably warm and pleasant after cold and snow from the weeks prior. After some photos at Evergreen Lake, we continued to Alderfer/Three Sisters Park just outside of town to capture photos. We trekked along a snowy path to hike up to Brother’s Lookout for a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the surrounding foothills. Both were more than willing to tolerate our crazy idea to the top of the mountain — but the view was worth it.

Congratulations to both of you! Anya and I are looking forward to photographing their wedding later this summer.

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